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The Global Game Jam, a premier event for video game developers, has started with 18,500 participants in 778 locations across 108 countries. As a collaborating partner, HyperPad is hosting in-person workshops at Western University and the University of Waterloo, as well as conducting online tutorials for video game creation. The theme for this year's Global Game Jam is "ROOTS", providing an exciting opportunity for game developers to showcase their creative and imaginative interpretation of the theme.

HyperPad's in-person workshops at Western University and the University of Waterloo have already received positive reviews, with students amazed by the speed at which they learned to use the platform. HyperPad will continue to host more in-person and online tutorials throughout the week, offering support and guidance to participants as they create their games.

Participants are invited to use their creativity and imagination when interpreting the theme of the Game Jam, "ROOTS", which could mean anything from plant roots to relationships and personal experiences, to scientific concepts like evolution and plant science. The Global Game Jam is an opportunity for game developers to showcase their skills and bring their unique vision to life.

So get ready, game developers! The Global Game Jam is a chance to demonstrate your skills and bring your imaginative ideas to life. Don't miss this exciting opportunity! Participate here https://www.hyperpad.com/contests/global-game-game-2023


Online workshops: https://forms.gle/ncTRp8yjASLtiPbi6

Western University workshop: https://forms.gle/mNFZXBU46fLFc7Ku7

University of Waterloo workshop: https://forms.gle/sXdUB6qxverEapx98 

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