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The FutureGuilds Solution Challenge

Transforming the Future of Work and Learning with Accessible Technology 

The FutureGuilds Solution Challenge, sets the stage for an exciting journey into the future of technology and education. It is designed to empower the next generation with essential tech skills, fostering a diverse and skilled workforce. By participating in this inaugural challenge, individuals of all backgrounds gain valuable skills in coding, problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management as reported by the World Economic Forum (2020) — attributes highly sought after by employers. 

hyperPad is proud to be QS ImpACT’s educational partner for the FutureGuilds Solution Challenge. This hackathon-style event series invites universities and companies worldwide to invest in the workforce of tomorrow by collaboratively addressing real-world challenges.

QS ImpACT Charity, a leading advocate for diversity, equity, and accessibility in the future of work and learning. Their goal is to create a fair and sustainable future through global collaboration. 

Together, we are inviting youth from around the world to bechallenged to work together during the FutureGuilds virtual hackathon and achieve any of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using hyperPad, an innovative educational tool that empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to effortlessly create apps, regardless of their coding experience. Be part of the FutureGuilds Solution Challenge and collaborate with individuals from around the world, tackling today’s big challenges, like poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change. 

What to Expect:

hyperPad revolutionizes app creation with its powerful and simple visual coding platform, catering to users of all ages and backgrounds. The platform encourages creative expression and collaboration, reshaping the future of tech. Participants in FutureGuilds Solution Challenge will utilize hyperPad to develop innovative solutions.

Participants can expect to acquire future skills, including the basics of code, problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management in the tech industry and sustainability. The challenge offers a unique opportunity to connect with global peers, fostering the development of the next generation of leaders and cross-cultural communicators.

Save the Date ⚠️

Mark your calendars for June 2024, and follow hyperPad and QS ImpACT for updates on the FutureGuilds Solution Challenge.

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